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C&L Experience


C&L Experience Event
An immersive aviation experience for Bangor area high school juniors and seniors.

The C&L Experience, in conjunction with NextGen Aviators, is a self-contained mobile student experience with staff, trucks, and planes traveling to Bangor. The C&L Experience events unite businesses and causes within the communities and are proven to influence educators and parents to encourage aviation career paths. The program is proven to inspire students to consider the aviation and skilled trades sectors. By doing this we are reaching all walks of life and exposing the youth and young adults to worlds of opportunities that were previously unknown. With our partner’s assistance, we provide paths for students about to enter the workforce.

C&L Aviation Group NEXTGEN Aviators event

What is the C&L Experience Program?

  • The 3-hour hands-on manufacturing, maintenance, and flight experience
  • Workstations with trained instructors where students explore CAD design and CNC demos
  • Students take a flight in a King Air 90 aircraft where they listen to the pilots and ATC interaction through headsets
  • Interaction with Pilots or Maintenance Techs to assist in a preflight inspection
  • Students are given basic flight instruction and allowed to fly one of 12 flight simulators
  • And more


C&L Experience - NEXTGEN event



The inaugural event will take place May 2nd-May 5th, 2023

  • 4 Days
  • 600 High School Students exploring their career options
  • Morning and afternoon sessions happening during the school day
  • Parents’ Night on May 4th

Why is this important?

Training for the future

  • Aviation mechanics and pilots are in short supply nationally
  • Aviation is a growing career field with endless opportunities
  • Many students have never thought about aviation as a viable career path

Stay home or go far

  • With a career in aviation, a student can “write their own ticket”
  • Job opportunities exist everywhere in the United States and globally
  • C&L is a growing aviation company right here in Bangor Maine with over 200 employees and the ability to double in size over the next 5 years


C&L Experience - NEXTGEN event